"Now, more importantly, the accolades. The highlight of the last two days of the convention, I felt, was Ross Skiffington's lecture on Showmanship and Presentation. Well structured, well presented and full of accurate professional advice. It was a delight to listen to a true professional well rounded in all aspects of theater. Young performers (I went through it too!) are only interested in magic and the latest effects. They lose sight of the fact that magic is only a vehicle for entertainment. The trick counts for absolutely nothing. I hope they listened to, absorbed and take heed of Ross's valuable advice. Possibly the most important point that Ross made is that there is no better training for a magician than to do courses in drama and take part in amateur theatrical productions. Bravo Ross.Well done!"
Bernard Reid - MAGICANA Volume 56 No.335


“I can’t tell you what a happy night we enjoyed there. It was absolutely wonderful and a joy to see table after table succumb to the enchantment of the clutch of magicians working the room in the first half of the evening only to then be knocked out by the finesses and genius of your appearance. I loved the little theatre. What an absolute luxury to be able to watch a performance from such close quarters."

Peter Burch - Victorian Manager Musica Viva at The Magic Mansion


 "Thank you for your 'magical' efforts in making the Melbourne production of Beauty and the Beast a success. We could not have done it without you. Congratulations!"

Michael D. Eisner- Disney 

"The best magic I have seen!”

Clive James - Australia House London


“Ross Skiffington is Australia’s finest exponent of Magic and Illusion occupying a unique niche in our performing arts.”

Harry M. Miller


“What I remember most was a capacity crowd exceeding 15,000 being transported by the sheer magic Ross always delivers in his stylish, highly imaginative performances.”

John Watson - Producer World Expo


“Mr Skiffington’s feats are as good as, if not better than, 
anything I have seen in Las Vegas.”

Ken Longworth Newcastle Herald



"Ross Skiffington is the supreme illusionist."

Paul Llyod - The Advertiser



“Lounge Wizard is breathtaking and Skiffington transports 
his audience
into his world where magic is real.”

Fiona Scott-Norman – The Age



“Ross Skiffington is the magician most respected by his peers.”

The Experts Expert – The Australian

“In the tricks department it is Ross Skiffington,
 Australia’s greatest illusionist, who makes the stage sparkle with magic and doubles like the old Shakespearean pro that he is in the more serious role of Balthazar.”

Samela Harris - Adelaide Advertiser 


“Ross has always exhibited a tremendous theatrical flair 
and showmanship
to support his skill as an illusionist.”

John Bell - The Bell Shakespeare Company


"A riotous madcap comedy. You get real tricks,a live dove, materialising coins and the gobsmaking feat of a torn newspaper that glues itself back together again."

The Daily Telegraph - UK


"A faultless production. A wonderfully unpretentious joyous interpretation 
of possibly Shakespeare's earliest play."

The Gazette - UK


“Congratulations on a stupendous Opening Night Spectacular.

People keep telling me that it’s the best Melbourne Festival Opening ever.”

Kay Jamieson – Technical Manager Melbourne Festival



“I don’t recall a show in here since I have been Entertainment Manager that has received such total acclaim.”

Fay Thompson – Wrest Point Casino



“You captivated our guests in a way no other entertainer has in the seven years I have been associated with the event.”

Paul Fogarty – EPIC



“The response from our subscribers & patrons was overwhelmingly positive. I would also like to acknowledge your utmost professionalism and the ease of working with yourself, Gordon and Wendy.”

James Buick – Clocktower Centre.


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